• "These are versatile garments that can be worn everyday, morning to night, casual or chic, which is what luxurious dressing should be."

"These are versatile garments that can be worn everyday, morning to night, casual or chic, which is what luxurious dressing should be."



ROOM 502 is a response to the current state of Fashion. Reconsidering the meaning of luxury today, we set about re-infusing the clothes we wear with meaning and value. Our vision of Ethical Fashion.

It recalls a time when Master Couturiers created functional and expertly crafted clothes for their private clients. These discreet commissions, tailored from humble but fine cottons and linens, were not created for special occasions. Instead, the were lived-in clothes worn everyday for travel, a lunch meeting or a weekend at home.  ROOM 502 reimagines this luxurious approach to casual dressing with limited editions of timeless and versatile wardrobe staples for today.

our vision of ethical luxury

ROOM 502 guarantees the use of ethically sourced materials, production and labor. It is also about fulfilling a woman’s option of wearing a well-made couture-quality dress at an accessible price point.

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Room 502 seeks to simplify the shopping dilemma of women's multi-faceted lifestyle by offering curated, limited editions of wardrobe essentials.


 - ROOM 502 is a direct-to-consumer, Holistic Luxury Brand - 

We are purveyors of limited edition production, high-quality garments, ethically produced and at an accessible price point.  

We give back a portion of our profits to help better our World

freedom from convention

 * ethical practices * limited production * direct to consumer * democratic luxury



Guess what?! Thanks to you and Sophie the dresses fit! Cannot tell you how happy I am with the exquisite design, textile and tailoring. Please pass along my compliments  

Adena | Salt Lake City

the dresses are fabulous! They fit as though they were custom tailored for me. (I’m so relieved) They are chic and comfortable and beautifully constructed. I’m delighted!
Going forward, I feel totally confident in collecting more pieces — can’t wait for future releases. 

Cynthia | Madrid

Sophie’s commitment to ethical
sustainable fashion with her Impeccable attention to detail, lux fabric. These are masterpieces that instantly feel like your favorite t-shirt and can be worn day to night.

Karen | Los Angeles

Free shipping & returns continental US & Canada * Minimalist packaging to limit our environmental impact