MODEL 14 - PAULA "Black"

MODEL 14 - PAULA "Black"

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Fair Trade | Responsible Fashion 

Eco - Wood Pulp Viscose 

Le Style: Introducing our version of the classic poet blouse, featuring elongated narrow cuffs and Nehru collar with hidden snap closure. 

Ma Muse: Family and friends provide a constant source of inspiration at ROOM 502. When our niece requested a chic versatile top, we created a blouse she could wear while traveling or meeting friends for a night out. Think Julie Christie and Omar Sharif in the 1965 classic Dr. Zhivago, or Tilda Swinton in Orlando.

Mode d'Emploi: Thoughtfully designed separates can elevate your wardrobe. For a causal Friday at work, pair our Paula blouse with jeans and a fitted blazer for a tomboy look. For an evening, wear our black and gold version with a floor length skirt, statement earrings and jeweled sandals.

100% Viscose

Dry clean or hand-wash only